Outings with a Loved One Who Has Dementia

It’s important to keep a loved one socially engaged. This effort can keep the loved one feeling like he or she is still part of a community. People who have dementia can fall into cycles of isolation and depression. An outing can provide a loved one with something to look forward to, and it spices up the day-to-day routine.

Watch the “Planning an Outing” video below:

How to Plan for a Successful Outing

Remember this phrase: “Proper Planning Prevents Problems.” It can really help when preparing for an outing with a loved one who has dementia, says Tim Tholen, CEO and Founder of Thoughtful Health Care and its affiliates in Kansas City. Here are a few tips you’ll find in the “Planning an Outing” video:

  • First, check the details of the venue. How easy is it to get in and out of the building? What’s the parking like? Are bathrooms easily accessible?
  • Try to manage your own expectations. The outing might not turn out to be what you envisioned—but, it will run more smoothly if you plan well.
  • Try to avoid choosing an event that is too loud or too long for a person with dementia. Outbursts or other behaviors can occur if a person with dementia is overstimulated.
  • Bringing a third person is very helpful– in case you need to get food or run to the restroom. This will ensure that the person with dementia is not left alone.
  • Don’t sweat the little stuff! Enjoy the time with your loved one.

A professional caregiver can make a big difference. At Thoughtful Health Care, we are here to support you, and can help plan and attend outings with your loved one regularly. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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