Spontaneous Fun for Caregivers of Loved Ones with Dementia

Yes, you read it right, we said fun, caregiving, and dementia in the same sentence. In Kansas City, Mission Hills, Olathe, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Shawnee, Overland Park and Lee’s Summit, caregivers can take (nearly) spontaneous outings with their loved one who has memory loss. All it takes is a little planning. Sound ironic? Let’s let the professional caregivers at Thoughtful Health Care provide a few tips for adding a little fun to a day with a loved one who has dementia.

Professional In-Home Caregivers’ Tips for Spontaneity

  • A little planning goes a long way. Is it a nice day for a drive? Take a look at the events calendar in Kansas City to see if there is an airshow, for example, or good weather for a pretty sunset. Remember to bring snacks, plenty of water, and appropriate clothing for your loved one, who may not think of these things.
  • Easy access is key. Before taking a loved one to a spontaneous visit to Loose Park, or to Powell Gardens, make sure that there are no big events that might make parking challenging. Take a handicap placard for better parking, if you have one.
  • Stay Flexible. If your loved one with dementia shows signs of stress when you are out and about—sudden irritable behavior, fidgeting, increase in anxious questions—take the time to help orient him or her. Or else shorten your trip and have a soothing evening at home.
  • Sometimes the reward of trying new things is worth the effort. Keeping an eye out for new experiences will help your loved one feel engaged and alive.

If you would like help getting out and about with a loved one with memory loss, our professional caregivers are here to help. We can arrange for outings, or provide extra help if you need a little spontaneity of your own. Call us today.