Raising the Quality of Life for People with Dementia in Overland Park

A diagnosis of a disease that has symptoms of dementia– whether Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, or Lewy Body dementia– does not mean that life comes to a sudden end. On the contrary, life continues, and with luck, so do happy, healthy moments in life.

Thoughtful Healthcare is a leader in memory care in Overland Park, Kansas City, Mission Hills and Leawood. Our highly skilled professionals strive to create a consistent, loving environment or our clients. Here are some thoughts about raising the quality of life for a person who has dementia.

  • Treat the person who has dementia with dignity. It’s easy to lose patience when someone repeats the same questions, or loses the ability to reason as well as he or she once did. A good rule is the Golden Rule. Treat the loved one the way you would want to be treated if you were the one with dementia. Not always easy to do– but the emotional investment raises the quality of the loved one’s life and simultaneously eases anxiety for that person.
  • Progress, not perfection. Allowing for mistakes and going with the flow helps people with dementia feel human. Though they may not show it, people with dementia can internalize criticism, and their self-esteem can be diminished. A healthy emotional life is important in the overall quality of one’s life.
  • Stay active. Find social outlets and support groups through The Alzheimer’s Association or The Parkinson’s Foundation.  Having a social circle is important in maintaining a high quality of life. Becoming isolated is not desirable for anyone.
  • Caregivers need breaks. A good quality of life for the person with dementia can go hand in hand with the family caregiver maintaining his or her personal interests. Contact us at Thoughtful Healthcare to help implement some time off for a refresh.

Let our top-tier caregivers help you create an environment where your loved one feels consistently cared for at home. Contact us today.