Early Onset Dementia Resources in Kansas City

Early onset dementia is a diagnosis that changes everything, but it doesn’t have to be a path walked alone. At Thoughtful Health Care, we are here to make planning for the progression of dementia more logical. We can help take the mystery out of the future, so that you and your family can be confident that quality, in-home care is available for you.

You Are Not Alone

Early onset dementia refers to people under the age of 65 who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Up to 640,000 Americans were recognized as having early-onset dementia in 2018. Many people who are diagnosed with early-onset dementia are still working and functioning in the world.

Here are some symptoms that may indicate presence of early-onset dementia:

  • Failing sense of direction
  • Emotional apathy or flatness
  • Difficulty remembering short term events, such as what one had for breakfast
  • Difficulty finding words, or having trouble with speech
  • Depression or sudden changes in behavior
  • Difficulty following a story line

Planning for Care

At Thoughtful Healthcare, we have experience in creating a helpful document for a plan of care, which pulls all necessary information together and puts it into one place for family members and care providers to access. Planning is one of the best tools out there—the more you can plan, the more financially, emotionally and physically ready you and your family will be. Since dementia is a progressive disease, it’s crucial to have steps in place, especially because dementia progresses at unexpected rates.

Early diagnosis does have its advantages, however. Medications, therapies and lifestyle changes can help slow the progression of the disease. When the need for help at home become evident, Thoughtful Health Care can help prepare for the future. Contact us today. We are here for you.