Dancing for Elderly is Alive and Well in Kansas City and Johnson County

Movement and wellness go hand in hand. What better way for senior care to get a boost than to add music to that movement? In Kansas City and Johnson County, caregivers and their loved ones who have dementia or Alzheimer’s can lift their spirits by joining a dance or movement class. If dancing is too much for your senior loved one, the proven therapeutic benefits of music for a person with Alzheimer’s or memory loss are big incentives to sit in on a class or a performance.

Here are some of Thoughtful Healthcare’s favorite dance and movement classes in Kansas City and Johnson County:

  • The Don Bosco Centers of Kansas City offer a variety of movement classes and chances to socialize, including Zumba Classes, Yoga and Tai Chi.
  • The Kansas City Ballet Studio holds classes for all ages and all abilities. Classes range across the dance spectrum, from ballet to tap to Pilates. Ranging from $11 to $16 per class, these classes give great value for the quality of instruction.
  • The YMCA of Greater Kansas City offers a wide variety of movement classes for senior citizens, including water aerobics and classes specifically for people with arthritis. Locations spanning Kansas City and Johnson County, The “Y” is a great resource for seniors.
  • Seniors in Overland Park can access the many programs that the JCC has to offer. For a zesty class, try low-impact Zumba Lite. If Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga are more your speed, punch card rates and free classes are available.
  • There are Meetup groups a-plenty for dancers in Kansas City. Find a group and get out there!

If getting active is a priority for you or your loved one, but reduced mobility or dementia make it challenging, let our experienced caregivers at Thoughtful Healthcare help get you out and about. Contact us today for more information.