How Do We Know If It Is Time for Memory Care?

After a family receives a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s in a loved one, important decisions need to be made. In Overland Park, Johnson County, and other parts of the Kansas City area, questions about when it’s time to get extra care rise to the top of the list.

Memory Care Checklist for Overland Park and Johnson County, KS

Consider this checklist with indicators that a loved one needs care:

  • Is the loved one able to manage meal time without a caregiver’s help? Diet and nutrition are very important aspects of senior health. People with memory issues might forget to eat, or else lose their appetite because the neuron paths leading from the brain to the stomach are not as viable as they once were.
  • Is driving becoming dangerous? Has your loved one reported increased anxiety when it comes to driving? Is he or she misplacing keys, or even getting lost or disoriented? Preventing an accident is a time-sensitive issue where dementia is concerned.
  • Are you concerned about your loved one’s safety? People with memory loss have unique safety issues. Has your loved one been found wandering and unable to orient him or herself to the surroundings? Are the conditions of the home less than hygienic? Both of these issues indicate the need for more care.
  • Is the caregiver burning out? Spouses and family member who give care to people with dementia tend to suffer more stress-related illnesses than non-caregivers. The burden for caregivers becomes greater as dementia progresses.

If you have checked any of these boxes, contacting an in-home care provider– like the professionals at Thoughtful Health Care—might well be in the best interest of your loved one and your family. You can help a loved one with memory loss live a safe and happy life at home. We are here to help.