Medication Management Programs in Overland Park, KS

Thanks to modern medicine, we are able to live longer, more healthy lives. But for many seniors, the number of prescription medications that are taken every day can be hard to track.

It’s like orchestrating a complex dance. First the doctor sees the patient, sometimes prescribing a new medication, or updating an existing prescription. Then the patient needs to have the prescription filled at the local pharmacy. Finally, the medications need to be taken at the correct time of day, with or without food, in the correct dose. There can be pain medications prescribed by the pain doctor, or memory medicine prescribed by the neurologist, or heart medication prescribed by the cardiologist. Some of these drugs have dangerous interactions, which the doctors and pharmacists should oversee…

For a person with memory loss, this medication dance can be a dangerous one.

When Help with Medication Is Needed

Too much medication, too little medication—either way, taking the right medications at the right time is crucial. That is why Thoughtful Healthcare in Overland Park, Johnson County and the Kansas City Area has come up with a solution. We provide in-home care for elderly individuals who would like to retain the independence of living at home, while reaping the benefits of care.

Medication management is just one of the services that our caregivers can provide. Prescriptions are tracked, managed, updated and filled. Proper dosage is no longer a guessing game. Families can rest assured that their loved one with memory loss is taking the medication that they need, when they need it.

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